He came into her room

Thinking he was going to soon

Be with her

Alone with her

To hurt her

To slice her

To love her

And take her


Her hand hung low over the sheets

Heavy with dreams and with sleep

Fire red hair scattered across the pillow

Eyes rolled back and whites like marshmallow


Becoming unaware of a stranger in the den

Dreaming of sunshine and faraway lands

Waiting till dawn when she’d stretch and yawn

Waiting for sunlight that from her eyes had gone


In her dream cloud she floats and she flies

Landing on pillows in cotton candy skies

Reality is far away in a land she couldn’t reach

Reality ground her to pieces like sand on a beach


In her life she’d tried and tried and only ever knew pain

The stranger in her room knew only of his game

He didn’t know that this woman he was about to take

Had nothing left in her heart for humanity, only hate


He crept inside her window that night and watched her breath so soft

In the beam of the flashlight while he kneeled and crouched, held back a cough


Waiting to pounce on his prey

His teeth were dripping wet

Thinking of the things he’d do

To his new pet


Her hand laid so soft, almost touching the floor

He made sure to close the curtains, shut and lock the door


Little did he know that Charlotte was already dead

From the inside out her heart of stone

Could turn your soul to dread


Her black eyes twitched behind the lids and her muscles tensed around

Waiting for her prey to slip

Waiting for her time to tip

The scales in her favor alone

This boy she led here, only a drone

A pawn in her game

Doesn’t matter what the name

Of his headstone will say

It’s her time to play


He crept along the floor boards as quiet as a mouse

Before Charlotte lunged and with her claws

Ripped his throat right out.


No second chances

No second thoughts

No humanity left

Only a theft

Of the soul she sucked from his wild eyes 

No Chance Charlotte

Never cries.