Sometimes we compare

I have belly rolls

Big pores

Huge eyes

Large forehead

Flawed skin

Bumps on my arms

Scars on my face

Scars on my face, arms, and knees


Sometimes I can

 Be hypocritical, mean,





Confused when no one else is,

Defensive, unnecessarily.

I take things personally,

Try too hard,

Don’t try enough.


Sometimes I think people:

Don’t like me,

View me as obnoxious 

See me as odd

Are shallow

Think I’m less.


But even with all of this,

I still love myself

and everything that I do


I’m human.

And so is he, she, you, them, they,

all, everyone, everywhere.


No one is ever perfect.

Shallow things remain shallow for a reason.


Those that stay in the shallow end remain there

because they can see their feet.

It’s those that dare to tread deeper

and lose sight of what they know,

that carry the World forward