I’m as finicky as the Ocean

I can heal you, calm you

Raise you up

Or break you and smash you with my unyielding power

Some people think I’m too much

And they get rolled around in my tides

Grit in their eyes and sand in their mouths, sucked underwater with no air to breath 
People can either go with my flow

Or get washed away or caught in my storm

Fighting the rip tides until they’re too far out

To stay in my eye is to be in the calm

But wander away and I will drown you,

But it’s none of my doing.

I don’t seek revenge,

I just dole out honesty and warnings…

But if you deny them and test uncharted waters, or go where others have vanished,

Then you, too, will vanish.

I’ll leave you stranded on a desert isle with nothing but rocks and hot sand
I’ll leave you floating in the middle of nowhere, contemplating who you really are and what went wrong..? 


You may have thought you calculated correctly, had my tides mapped out to the very last wave.

But you didn’t, and you can’t know me.
Some people try to own me.

Some people think that I’m placed on this earth for them and only them. 

What they don’t know is that I belong to everyone and no one.

You think you have me so simplified, so wrapped around you.

Well, you do. And I’ll squeeze tighter until I crack your ribs and puncture your lungs.


No one can ever have all of me.

I never want that.

People only think that.

People think I’m one color, when really I’m all of them.

I’m unpredictable, and that’s what makes me beautiful. It’s what people think they want.

An ever changing girl, you’ll never get bored.

But is it..really…what you want?


It never is.

You tempt me until I explode.

You drag me until I love the dirt and the dirt loves me.

You hunt me until I learn your very own trick and hunt you from behind.

I can take the grit in my teeth

I can take drowning

I can take not knowing who I am or what I’m doing

I can take the unknown.

I’m bendable,

I’m unbreakable,

I’m water, then ice, then air.
The problem with life is that people expect certain things,

But I expect nothing

And I expect everything.

I have the power to do it.

This body only weighs me down,

So you think at least.

I am a monster stirring in my chest

I am a hurricane destroying lives and ripping families apart.

Some people are afraid of me, and I love it. 

Some people can’t believe the words I say because I mean them.



Be afraid and distant,

But one day I’ll own you.