Because WOMEN are considered  lesser in my country

Because MENSTRUATION is perceived as inappropriate to talk about when it should be regarded as beautiful

Because we have to hide our sacred BODIES when society says it’s bad

But are told to expose our sacred BODIES for pleasure purposes 

Because I believe that BLACK lives are the ones in danger

Because I believe BLACK lives are taken for the pigment of their skin

Because I believe that BLACK lives aren’t given the same opportunities as WHITE lives

Because I believe that BLACK WOMEN in society are portrayed as obnoxious 

Because I believe that BLACK WOMEN aren’t as recognized in the media

Because I believe that BLACK WOMEN are paid less than WHITE WOMEN

Because I believe that TRANSEXUALS should not be afraid to use a bathroom

Because I believe that TRANSEXUALS are our children and deserve to live a normal life, judgement free

Because MUSLIMS should not be discriminated against for religion

Because MUSLIMS should have a right to pray wherever they want and wear whatever they want

Because MUSLIM does not equal terrorism. This is called IGNORANCE.

Because HOMOSEXUALS are turned away from businesses

Because HOMOSEXUALS are discriminated against for love

Because the word GAY is frequently used as an INSULT


I’m a FEMINIST because I’m ANGRY for the oppressed

Because I can try to sympathize, but I’ll never fully UNDERSTAND

Because I’ll spend my whole life trying to UNDERSTAND

Because I want my children and the future population to never HAVE TO UNDERSTAND

the violence

the hate

the freedom taken

the love lost

what a bullet feels like


I’m a FEMINIST because not all HUMANS are the ones in danger or inhibited.


I’m a FEMINAZI because I want my family and future children to LIVE THE LIVES THEY WANT WITHOUT INHIBITION


I’m a FEMINISTA because THESE HUMANS ARE THE ONES WHO NEED A VOICE, not the ones that are already heard


Much love to all. Leave comments of those not mentioned.