The laws of physics

Are currently being called to question.

What we thought concrete,

Is highly variable.

Undeniable knowledge,

Is possibly deniable.


It shows how fragile “facts” are.

Things are more complicated than what we see.

Variables, certainties, unseen actions,

They all contribute.


One issue

Is not just “one” issue,

But a great many things contributing

To this big, huge process

That leads to the occurrence of everything.


It can hurt your head,

Thinking yourself in circles like that.

One answer leads to one hundred more questions.

And one answer

Is always multifaceted.

So it is really one?

How could you possibly accept one answer for anything.

You can’t.


Trust not what you see or what you believe.

Trust what you do not see,

Trust your doubt,

And trust the path that seemingly leads to nowhere,

And know where,

And everywhere.