For years She sat and watched humankind

throw away her vastness in the morning sunshine.

She created them all

and now watches them fall.

Her bosom not full of hate or black,

but humanity’s black hole is taking her galaxy soul

down down down

deep deep deep.

The light that reaches out of her

can’t even escape.

Swallowed up by nothing and everything.


Trees shiver and shake

Leaves howl and twigs scrape

Into an empty night


The twinkle we see

are crystal tears

made by love that she artfully crafted

from all of the collisions and smacks

from all of the desperate searching of an answer

that we’ll never know the answer to

because it is as Dynamic as the Ocean.

The Ocean that houses so much life, constantly churning and mashing

until something New appears.


We were once new.

She saw us crawl,

saw us bite,

saw us destroy in the name of us.

Yet, she watched on, loving us just the same.

She probably can’t help but love us,

and us her.

Because she controls everything,

we are just a sugar grain

in a swirling ice cream galaxy

in a frosted Universe.
She is the cherry that makes us, us.

They say she is a beautiful thing.