To think beyond what we really are.

To think that somehow we will live on;

Our whole self, our spirit.

Why should you think so highly of yourself that, you, of all the things in creation, should live on…?



Why would you think that your thoughts should live on?

Do you think yourself important?

Important enough to be written about, put on a pedestal, or even thought about?

Are you afraid of being forgotten?


What do you think will come of being remembered?

Do you think it will be all glitter and cotton candy? 

Don’t you think of the controversy you may create, the debates over your thoughts that may occur, or the criticism you may receive in death?

What would be the point of it all?


Me, a hypocrite, writing her words that she hopes will stay in someone’s head.

Writing her words to maybe come to an answer…although she knows it will never happen. 

A hypocrite, yes.

Yet, I wouldn’t mind being forgotten.

You have to remind yourself that living, itself, is the greatest priveledge given.

To live and worry about being forgotten, or making a mark on the world…

This seems somewhat selfish.

Or does it?


For now,

I try to take things slow,

watch someone else glow,

and keep up the good search for nothing or everything.