I write words to take the edge off.

Once I get them down on paper,

they are out of my head.

But you are forever in my head,

so it only works for a time.


When I lay next to you

I am always next to you.

You’re a pill that I take

without water

Because water or not,

I need to take you.

My soul needs you.


You are my soil

and my roots take you in.

You are my place

here, on earth

and whatever lies beyond this.


You could break my heart,

if that is what would make you happy.

And I would die happy with that very same heart.


You make me cry because

when I think about you

everything hits me all at once


It hurts

but at the same time, I’m floating.

You pin me down,

then set me free.

You keep me cool, then drive me crazy.

You’ll always be my

beautiful agony.