I want you to grow.

I want to watch you unfurl your leaves

To bathe in the sun of life

And bask in the heat and glow.


You will find you in due time.

Then you can let your petals fall open,

Spreading wide and reaching out as far as they’ll go.

Letting everything in the world know that you’re there.


But the sun of your life has barely peaked

On it’s horizon.

Only a few rays show over the mountains

Only a few rays glimmer on the water.


Oh, how I would love to see your rays

Hit fully upon that water,

To touch the rocks, worn and round

Sitting at the bottom.


And as you become many summers old,

I will still see you as my little brother.

The one who I played ball with,

And the one who I watched first ride a bike.


I will remember you as the one who laughed hysterically

When I shook your Elmo doll around

When you were just a baby.

I’ll remember when you looked up and smiled at me from your crib.


And your future will surely be well-lived.


The waters will shimmer.

The rays will scorch.

The petals will reach wide.

Your life’s a torch.