So, I grew up in Eastern PA, got anthracite coal running thick and black through my blood. I practice Wicca, I love gardening, taking pictures,  & writing poetry. Anyway, this is starting to sound like a dating profile so I’m moving on.

The 411

So I basically created this blog because I like to write poetry. Well, I call it poetry but often times it’s more like a diary. I also love talking about anything and everything; what better way to alleviate my need for conversation than start a blog? So here I am folks. Hear me roar.

I’m planning on writing about a lot of things… nature, my dreams, what goes on in my crazy imagination…*cough* politics…Who knows. The possibilities are limitless and I have a keyboard. Oh, and proper spelling and grammar? Sorry grammar-hammer wielding punctuation nazis. Not today you’re not.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy what I write. Maybe I’ll get a peek or two from rando’s on the web. Or maybe this’ll just be me reading my own junk as per the usual. Either way, here goes nothing!